Provide More Value
Let me start by telling you value is FAR from only being high-quality information.
It is rather a combination between information and entertainment.
People don't usually read emails because they're looking for specific insights.
If that was the case, they would directly go to a blog post or YouTube video.
They read it based on your ability to give them a good time and on top of that give them an insight they wouldn't have thought about (usually counter-intuitive or just written in a non-regular way.)
So to sum up, tell better stories & share better lessons.
Email More Often
A lot of people expect to make money by only sending a random email once in a while with a "discounted" promotion.
Most of the times your subscribers will just be disengaged and your list will be as cold as ice.
Most of them will not even remember who you are or why they're inside your list in the first place.
It is 100% crucial to have a schedule for your emails, whether you plan to send one, two, three, or seven emails a week - have a schedule.
Speaking of that, if you're a content creator and marketer, there's absolutely no reason not to email your list at least every other day.
Just think about that for a second...
How many more link clicks can you get if you start sending 3 or 4 emails a week instead of only one or none at all?
More link clicks → more sales
Have More Offers
If you're always promoting the same offer, you're not giving existing customers a chance to buy new products.
Having an arsenal of 3 to 5 offers is essential, whether it be your own products, affiliate offers, or a service.
Make sure to promote each one for at least one week before moving forward to the next one.
You have to give people time to consider the offer and eventually feel aware enough to the point they KNOW they need what you're promoting.
Know What Your Audience Wants
Way too many people promote products to an audience that has no remote interest in what's being promoted.
More often than not, the content that first got them inside, will be the same content they would pay for.
But if you're not sure (and even if you are), the best thing you can do is to literally ask them what they want.
You can simply create a google form with three or four possible options and then promote products about the topics people are interested.
Outline your weekly content
It doesn't matter how many emails you send a week.
What matters is that you make sure you pick a product to promote and outline a logic sequence that takes people from unaware → aware.