Create a Sense of Urgency
To date, I still haven't found a method that beats good ol' urgency.
People are hard-wired to not want to miss on good deals, and it's the best way to get the indecisive (who're just imposing non-existing objections in their mind) to cross to the buyer's side.
Here are five ways you can do it:
  • Offer a bonus or a discount to those who buy before X date
  • Offer a bonus or a discount to the next X buyers
  • Offer 100% refund for the next X buyers
  • Create a contextual sense of urgency (e.g.: Don't wait until June to start losing weight, my 90-days lean body plan will have you rocking that beach body just in time for summer.)
  • Inform you're going to raise prices
One of my favorite way to do this is by running a promotion selling an affiliate offer & offering my own paid content for free with the purchase if the customer buys before X date
Tell More Stories
The best way to keep your readers glued to your screen is to keep sharing interesting stories that you can then tie to your offers.
Don't be afraid to tell stories that seemingly have nothing to do with your niche.
You can work around most of them to find a common node.
The great advantage of telling stories is that you'll never bore your audience and you'll never run out of content, as you can always search for new stories on the web (or tell your own.)
Show don't tell.
Create More Curiosity
A lot of people write their emails and spill all the beans without creating that itch that makes the reader instantly want to click on the call-to-action.
The sole purpose of an email that seeks to sell is to get people to click on your sales page, and your job is to achieve that.
If you give them the whole recipe, they will not need to follow-through the CTA.
That's why it is really important to use your emails to give the what and the why and then to sell the how (and use it as a call-to-action.)
People take action on what they pay for.
If you were to give the HOW in your emails, chances are you'll make no money, and your reader will achieve nothing at all.
Improve Your Writing style
Your emails should be conversational and use a 5th grade or below English level.
Not only that, your emails should make your reader feel close to you and as if you were speaking directly to him.
Here's how to do it:
  • Use a lot the words "I" & "you"
  • Write as you were writing for one person only and not a crowd (e.g. ❌ Hope you are all doing fine | ✔ Hope you're doing fine)
Don't forget that each person will individually open your email, making them feel closer to you will make your writing WAY more immersive.
On another note, one mistake that I see a lot is people being suggestive instead of assertive.
Their own writing feels like a shoot in the foot, because it is nowhere near persuasive.
Be confident in what you're writing and be assertive when doing your call-to-actions.
Replace words like: