Create Automated Sequences
The most powerful emails in terms of engagement will always be the initial ones.
That's why it is absolutely crucial to make the most out of them.
Those will be the ones with the highest open-rates and click-rates.
That's why you should create a logical and well-put welcome sequence (5 to 7 emails long) that's triggered every time someone subscribes to your list.
Here's what you should aim to accomplish:
  • Welcome people into your list
  • Make people aware of who you are and what's your story (readers → fans)
  • Give a lot of value on how people can achieve their desired goal (that you can help them with.) (low awareness → high awareness)
  • Use the last 2 to 3 emails to sell them your paid offers
Other than that you can also create product promotion sequences ( can be triggered throw a link click or simply sent out as regular broadcast emails when you please) where you promote your offers.
The beauty of creating evergreen sequences is that you can keep on optimizing them once you have enough data.
You can always go back and analyze open-rates & click-rates and do something about it if they're not hitting a satisfactory result.
And you can obviously run the product promotion sequences every time you feel like.
Work once → earn multiple times.
If you want a guide from A to Z on how to create multiple types of automation.