The 10 Minutes Email Dashboard
The 10 Minutes Email Dashboard

The 10 Minutes Email Dashboard

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Read Me First

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This dashboard includes a few prompts so you don't need to sweat it off thinking about what you'll write.
You'll also find templates of components you can use in your emails to make it super easy to write them off.
The goal is that you glue everything together and add it your personal touch.
You can duplicate this template on the top right corner to add in your own ideas in the Ideas section.

Prompts 📝

  • Write about a testimonial you received from customers
  • Write your email around a story
  • Write about recent news
  • Write about a tweet you read read
  • Write about your own products
  • Write about a bad experience you had
  • Write about a book you just read
  • Write about a hard thing you just did
  • Give a tip about something you're good at
  • Write about your early stages at X
  • Write an email about your past experience with X
  • Write about a course you've just taken
  • Use an analogy to prove a point
  • Write about your opinion on X
  • Write about a successful thing you did in the past
  • Write on your experience with bad/good clients
  • Write about something you struggled with
  • Write about something that happened in your life

Ideas 💡

Whenever you have a great idea for an email, make sure to drop it here. You can check those ideas that you've already used. (Duplicate this template and delete my ideas to add in yours)
Example 1: John Doe testimonial
Example 2: how I got started in email marketing
Example 3: talk about how the bartender persuaded me to get the high price gin

Components 🔑

The structure of an email
Here's the structure of a "regular email"
  1. Subject line
  1. Hook/lead
  1. Story
  1. Transitional Phrase
  1. Lesson
  1. CTA
  1. P.S.
I can't help you with the lesson as it depends on the content of the email, but I'll give you every component you need to write emails without worrying about the blank page.
Note that most of these are just ideas you can swipe, so some will already have content. Take the model, and change the content according to your needs.

Subject Lines

Rules for a good subject line: Tease the content of the email in a way that drives curiosity (credits)


Rules for a good hook/lead: Drive as much curiosity as possible to keep people engaged and wanting to read the rest of the email
  • X secret tips from authority figure
The If / Then lead
  • If you want to find out how I was able to achievement, keep reading and I'll reveal everything inside this email.
  • If you'd like to make money pressing a few buttons on your laptop...this is going to be the most important email you've ever read.
  • how I do something for my clients
The question lead
  • Do you know what's the different between someone who makes $100 online, and someone who makes $1000?
  • what to do if non-desired outcome
The short lead
  • You won't believe what happened to me last weekend.
  • I can't believe I made $100 without lifting a finger.
  • I f*cked up.
  • this is stopping you from desired outcome
The context lead
  • I've sold over $10.000 in digital products online, and there's one thing that I consider CRUCIAL for anyone starting right now...
  • The other day I was approached by a subscriber with a smart question, here's what he asked me...
  • why people who do this never desired outcome
The curiosity lead
  • What if I told you I can help you making money online in less than one week? Would you hear what I have to say? Well, keep reading...
  • Do you believe it's possible to lose 10lbs of fat in a month training exactly 10 minutes a day? Let me tell you something...
  • you're doing something wrong and I can prove it
  • steal this context trick
  • how I ended up achievement
  • how to desired outcome without typic hassle
  • copy this context trick to desired outcome
  • what I would do if I had to do something again
  • can you desired outcome with minimum effort?
  • you need this ONE thing to benefit
  • the difference between bad outcome and good outcome
  • this is how you know if matter of study is any good
  • the secrets to beneficial outcome
  • this mistake costed me negative outcome

Transitional Phrases

Rules for a good transitional phrase: It should flow well from the story to the conclusion/lesson
  • This reminds of...
  • With that said...
  • That's clear proof that...
  • Speaking of which...
  • Let me tell you my opinion about this...
  • That's why I believe...
  • Let me tell you what this story is really about...
  • You might be asking "what's the point of this story?"...well...
  • Without further ado
  • Here's what I think this means...
  • That's why you should always...



Rules for a good call-to-action: Direct, assertive, and clear
Rules for a good p.s.: Add additional information that didn't fit well in the email
  • Click here to get your discounted copy of my course name.
Add social proof
  • P.S. Here's a testimonial I received the other day from a student who took my email course:
  • Here's your magic link to access the course.
  • P.S. Don't forget that I'm running a big discount sale on my course tomorrow, I'll send an email with the subject line: "Grab your discounted piece today"
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Ask for a reply
  • Reply back to this email and let me know if you enjoy this new email format
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Ask for feedback
  • What would you like me to cover in the next email?
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Reference the call-to-action again
  • P.S.'s the link to your discounted copy.
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Re-state the lesson of the email
  • P.S. I hope this email made you understand how important it is to cut unnecessary words when writing persuasion emails