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Welcome email sequences are the best way to sell your products on autopilot.
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I've done client work in the past and I gathered a few case studies. Take a peek below.

Case Study 1 - Charles Added $50-$100 a day in course sales after adding post-purchase email sequences on his courses.

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Case Study 2 - James earned his money back (on my services fee) in less than 24 hours using a post-purchase sequence for his free e-book.

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Case Study 3 - Affiliate Marketer made his first sale as soon as he launched his sequence (lead magnet into email sequence). This was all in less than 24h

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Here's what you'll get inside this course

  • The fundamental objectives that every welcome sequence should fulfill to make money and build strong relationships
  • How to write a memorable welcome email that sets the tone for the relationship you have with your subscribers
  • A full breakdown of each of all 9 unaltered emails from my welcome sequence
  • Personal notes on why I included certain sections in each email with all the thinking processes behind the choice
  • Different frameworks of welcome sequences you can swipe based on your needs

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Email Money Fountain: The 6-Parts Framework To Write Emails That Get Open, Get Read, and Drive Sales
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