Email #3 Bill Mueller

Subject line: How to write a story-based email out of thin air
Straight-to-the point benefit driven subject line. I love the fact that it's not click bait but still gets the job done.
Block One - Context
notion image
Bill starts the email hooking people's attention with the first phrase (which is what they're there for) but he doesn't give it right away.
He sarts by giving context to the email by saying how stories are everywhere even though we don't see it.
He turns the unaware into aware which is brilliant since his call-to-action goes to a product that ONLY people that are aware of the importance of stories would buy
Block Two - Story
notion image
notion image
This is a great "real-world" story.
I loved the fact he used a picture for a more visual exprience.
And his writing is very straigh-to-the-point and without unecessary fillers or long parahraphs.
Block Three -Lesson