Email #2 by Gabe Johansson

What I really love about this email is that it starts with Gabe being really honest and "vulnerable" as a build up to the benefits of what he writes about in the email (won't spoil you just yet.)

Subject line: I have a confession...


This one will never go out of fashion, and sparks curiosity to astronomic levels.

Hard to resist this one, and it perfectly fits the theme of his email.


Block 1 - Introduction and context (while being entertaining.)


Gabe starts by setting up the scene and giving some background context to the readers.

Key factors that I like:

  • Gives context
  • Playful about his own "slacking"
  • Last line builds curiosity & grabs the reader

Block 2 - Presenting the theme of the email


The stage was set up.

Gabe is now presenting what happened to his business DESPITE him not sending any emails.

He shines a light on the advantages of having emails automated (especially a welcome sequence.) and how much time that saves him to do other business-related tasks.

*this builds up curiosity and make people aware of the offer he does at the end of the email.

Block 3 - Giving out value


Gabe tells people exactly what they have to do to make good use of their email list in a nicely ordered way.

This clearly shows the reader that he KNOWS what he's talking about.

Block 4 - Presenting his service as the solution to the problem


The cherry on the top of the cake.

Gabe created the problem, so to speak, and pitched the exact solution - his email copywriting services.