Email #1 by Chris Orzechowski

Today we're deconstructing an email from Chris Orzechowski, I highly recommend joining his list and browsing his articles.
The goal is to understand the WHY behind each component and how we can use the framework to craft our emails.
Subject line: how having a list saved one business from the COVID lockdowns...
Three things I like about this subject line:
  • It's intriguing and keeps curiosity high
  • It clearly states what the email is about (no bait)
  • It uses current events to capture attention
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Quick introduction to give the email some context and paint the scenario for the rest of the email.
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Introduces the "protagonist" of this email and gives a quick breakdown of how the business operates.
Chris describes his personal attachment to this specific business and introduces his concern and the business problem.
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Every story needs a hero, and this business hero was their email list (this is obviously important to the context since Chris is an email copywriter, and showcasing the importance of having a list might get him clients.
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Keeps praising how important it is for every business to have a list so they don't have to go out of business if something external affects their normal operation.
Chris introduces the problem that most businesses don't even know they have (marketing 101)...
  • Business owners need to learn how to write compelling email copy that people enjoy.
  • Business owners need to learn how to build a bond with customers so when the sh*t hits the fan, they know that their customers will want to support the business.
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Call-to-action to his monthly paid newsletter that solves the problem that he has just presented.
Presents his product as a "quick and easy" way to train the brain to write emails that subscribers love as a way to disarm any objection related to the effort it would be needed to write emails.
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He uses the P.S. to filter through the readers to find the customers he wants inside...
"If you took the almost-done-for-you email flows and campaigns I send out and sent them to your list and you DON'T make back $1,200... then you don't have a real business. "
And then presents the investment cost as a way to justify the price and gives an example of a business ROI after applying what's inside his monthly newsletter($99 a month).
"We have clients and subscribers who earn between $2,000 - $49,000 from a single campaign email."