Writing one email a day is not as hard as it sounds, especially when you understand that any story can be contextualized and used as a lesson or simply for stating a point.
From now on, go about your day as you usually do, but try to extrapolate ideas or lessons out of what:
● Happens to you. ● What happens to others. ● What you observe (even if it’s a Netflix show.)
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One of my favorite ways to get inspiration to write daily emails is to use success/failure stories within my niche.
It’s as easy as searching the web for them.
All you have to do is pick one good story, and build upon that.
It makes it easy to have interesting content, a compelling story (the best stories are always true stories), and a way to tie the story to your offer.
Success Story Email Example
Subject line: The casino might be the solution to your problems
How much would you risk to start your own business?
Couple of hours after work?
A few hundred to support software costs?
What if I told you, that an entrepreneur gambled his money to be able to invest in his start-up?
That's right...
David Daneshgar wanted to build a marketplace to connect florists to customers, but neither he nor his business partner had the funds to invest.
He needed 30,000 bucks.
That's a lot of moolah to put down.
Coincidently, there was a pocket tournament offering a prize of that sum to the winner and David happens to be 2008 world champion.
He placed one thousand bucks just to get inside. He made it to the final.
At the end of an intense, sweaty, and tricky final round, he was able to tell his friends...
"It's flower time".
And soon after he launched BloomNation, which has been up and running for eleven years and has a total of 45 employees.
The big players have the gut to invest and bet on themselves, and that's why they win big time.
Sure he could have lost the tournament and leave empty-handed, but it's the attitude that counts.
I bet my left kidney he would find another way to gather that initial sum.
Luckily, we're not in 2010 anymore and you can now invest in high-quality training for a stupidly low price, and that's enough to start an operating online business (that only needs one person to operate.)
So if you're ready to put down 95% less than David placed on that tournament.
And if you're ready to place a bet safe on yourself.
Check out the missing piece, and start building your online business.
Another great way to be inspired is to read emails from people that also adopt a similar or equal model for their email business.