Approaching email marketing the right way is half of the job done.
Don’t dismiss this chapter just because it isn’t as practical, because it is as important as the previous ones.
Without the correct mindset, you’ll not be able to deal with the bumps in the road, and that’s the last thing we want for you.
Mental model 1: Play for the long game
If you’re still getting started, I understand how frustrating it can be to send emails only to a couple of people.
But that’s part of the process, and it’s actually good since you get to practice your subject lines/copy game when there isn’t much at stake.
There’s little to no other business model with as much leverage as email marketing, the more your list grows, the more money you’ll make.
Much like investing in stocks, these things tend to take time to grow, but the more they grow, the better returns they yield.
Mental model 2: Skin in the game
The beauty of the daily email system is that it allows you to gain a level of skin in the game that most people won’t have.
You’ll be light-years ahead when it comes to email copy, and general understanding of what works or doesn’t for your audience.
Stick to the process, even if you’re not seeing returns, it takes time to hone a craft, and writing email copy is just another craft that anyone can get good at.
Mental model 3: Find your voice
It can be hard at first to know what direction to take, and that’s why modelling email marketers that you admire is the fastest way to get started.
But despite that, don’t forget to keep searching for your voice and for what works for you and your niche.
Mental model 4: Dealing with unsubscribes
This one can be tough.
If you’re sending daily emails, you’ll get unsubscribes every other day, and that’s perfectly normal.
I would rather have unsubscribes that don’t resonate with my content rather than keeping people on my list just because I only send them an email once in a while and that doesn’t ignite the effort to unsubscribe.
Your final goal is to create an environment of fans and buyers, and ultimately, people who unsubscribe don’t match the criteria anyways.
Remember that most don’t even know why they’re subbed to your email list in the first place, so don’t take it personally or attach any meaning to it.
Mental model 5: You're not selling, you're inviting
If you send daily emails, and if you want to make big money, you’ll have to promote your offers on a daily basis (or close to that).
That means you’ll be “selling” a lot, and for most people, that’s extremely uncomfortable because they approach the act with the wrong mindset.
You’re not evil for selling your offer if you believe it is a good offer and if it brings a ton of value for your readers.
Think about a great offer you’ve bought in the past...are you mad at the person who sold it to you, or are you grateful he did it?
Probably the latter.
You have to approach selling as an invitation to check your product and see if it aligns with your readers' needs.
If it does, great, you’re helping him. If it doesn’t, he just won’t buy and that’s fine, your email was still a great read.