Land Clients Using Your Email List
Using a warm list of subscribers who trust you is one of the BEST ways to land clients to your high-ticket services.
Here are three no-fluff ways to land clients using your list.
Use a paid lead-magnet
One of the absolute best ways to get clients that pay big money is to only upsell your service to people who're already customers.
You can create a low-ticket $4.95-$19.95 product just to get people inside your buyers ecosystem and then create a post-purchase sequence that aims to upsell your service.
Here's a high-level example of a sequence outline:
Email 1 (sent immediately): Thank people for buying and tell them what to expect from the book
Email 2 (sent after 3 days from previous): Personal story of how the information inside your guide has helped you. Ask for a reply where people tell you what they aim to achieve (this will qualify the right prospects.)
Email 3 (sent after 3 days from previous): Send a client win and a call-to-action for your service
Email 4 (sent after 1 week from previous): Ask people for progress feedback and remember them that you can help them with your paid service
Email 5 (sent after 1 week from previous): Send a client win and a call-to-action for your service
Use the P.S. statements of your email
Instead of promoting your regular offers, use your emails to pitch your own services.
One of my absolute ways to do this, is by running a special limited offer.
Offer a trial for your service where you only take X amount of people at a special price.
Here's how you do it...
At the end of each email include a P.S. with the following:
  • Your offer
  • Who's it for
  • Call-to-action to reply
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Offer to help people
One of the best ways to qualify the right customer is to offer to help people.
A few weeks ago I tweeted that I was going to freely help the first three to comment under my tweet.
Three people immediately commented or reached out via DM.
Two weren't anywhere near being potential clients, but one was a CEO from a company that had emails but wasn't doing anything with them. I ended up writing his welcome sequence for a pretty nice fee.
You can apply the same methods to get clients with your frequent emails (or even automated sequences.)
At the end of each email have a call-to-action within the following lines...
If you'd like me to help you desired goal, reply to this email and I'll give my best to guide you in the right direciton.
How To Deliver High-Quality Work
There are three things that I like to do when I land a client...
Let's deconstruct each phase.
Extract the right information from the client
It's your job to ask the right questions in order to do a good work.
Here are the three questions that you should always do:
  • Who's your target audience?
  • Is there any personal story I can tell?
  • Is there any social proof I can use?
  • Do you want to add urgency with discount or bonuses?
This answers alone will make your job 10x easier whether you're writing frequent emails or an evergreen sequence.
Do market research
You should adapt your writing to your market.
So you need to understand the relationship your client has with his list.
And who are the people inside that list.
Younger people will want more "chill" writing, older people will want more "serious" writing.
Highly educated people will understand more sophisticated words, low-education people will rather read easier words.
If he's a creator → write in a very informal way
If he's a business owner → write in a more formal & professional way
Always write in the first person tough.
Audience Problem
Understand what's the problem that your client's list has.
Do your research in Reddit, Quora, Facebook Groups and Amazon Reviews
If you don't know what you're trying to fix, and if you don't have empathy, it will be hard to sell.
Offer benefits
In which ways does your client offer solve the audience problem?
Make sure to list every benefit and do your own F.A.Q. about his offer (you can also have an email where you include a FAQ, it works very well.)
Outline the emails
Standalone Email
If you're just writing regular emails for your clients, seek to answer these questions before getting started.
  • What's the purpose of this email?
  • What kind of urgency will I use?
  • What story or context will I use?
Note that urgency doesn't always have to be bonuses or discounts, it can simply be something along the lines of...
"The summer is right around the corner, and you don't want to start working towards your dream body only one month in advance."
Evergreen Sequence
Answer this three questions before writing any sequence...
  • Who am I writing to?
  • How can I create urgency (bonuses & discounts)?
  • What's the aim of this promotion (e.g.: Take people from fat to lean)
After having the answers down start outlining the emails in a logical sequence...
Introduction story → Make people aware of the problem → Most common problems → How to fix those problems → Show social proof