Here's a short re-cap of what we've covered and a birds-eye view of what you should plan to do next, and what systems will you need.
System1: Welcome sequence
Outline the welcome series, and make sure to write down the following before starting:
● What you want people to know about you ● What you want people to know about what you do ● How you discovered what you do, and how you became good at it ● Offer you want to promote
System 2: Week-long promotions (with 4-7 emails)
Every week you'll choose one offer to promote.
Always make sure to remember that your goal is to take people from the least aware state to the most aware state.
Feel free to leave a LINK to the sales page in every email.
System 3: Post-purchase flow (if you have your own offers)
Make sure to write 3 to 5 emails to thank people and keep them accountable, help them if they need it and eventually upsell to a service or down-sell to a complementary offer.
System 4: Evergreen funnel
If you have your own offers or if you affiliate for any, make sure to create a evergreen funnel that will yield the best return on the time invested.