Creating simple funnels for affiliate offers can be a great way to generate some cash on auto-pilot while only doing the work one time.
Before advancing further, here’s the blueprint to what I’ll cover in this section:
1. Pick one course/ebook you would like to promote (it can be an affiliate offer.) 2. Create a free product on Gumroad 3. Create a sales page on Carrd where people will be redirected to 4. Create a lead-magnet 5. Integrate your email platform with gumroad so you can create a post-purchase sequence to that specific product (or do it with Gumroad workflows) 6. Sell the course using an email sequence
Creating the sales page
After people grab your free product, you should redirect them to a sales page that upsells them to a paid offer (the same you'll be pitching in your email funnel.)
You can build on WordPress, Carrd, or using the in-built landing page creator your platform has.
notion image
Click on “Redirect to a URL after purchase” Now paste your landing page URL and test it. The goal of this page is to try to seal the deal on the spot, and we can use direct-response copywriting skills to make it happen.
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Here’s an easy-to-follow framework that even a beginner can pull-off without much hassle (it’s a six-part framework for writing better sales copy.)
If you choose Carrd as your landing page builder, here’s a free template that I’ve designed exclusively for the students of this course: (email me for access.)
To make sure your copy is on point, read the original sales letter, and build yours around it but with a different angle and by handling objections that the original author might have forgotten.
Creating the lead-magnet
Creating the auto-triggered email sequence
When people get your free product, it should trigger an automated sequence of emails that has the aim to sell them your paid offer.
Your job will be to make them aware they need the product.
Least aware → most aware
The first thing you should do is outline and prepare the sequence.
Answer this three questions before writing any sequence...
  • Who am I writing to?
  • How can I create urgency (bonuses & discounts)?
  • What's the aim of this promotion (e.g.: Take people from fat to lean)
After having the answers down start outlining the emails in a logical sequence...
Introduction story → Make people aware of the problem → Most common problems → How to fix those problems → Show social proof
Here's a framework I like to use for my clients.
Note that I include a sales link in every email.
Email 1 (immediately): Your story (or creator's story if it's an affiliate offer.)
Email 2 (24h delay): Make people aware of the problem
Email 3 (24h delay): Explain the benefits of the offer
Email 4 (24h delay): Explain why target market needs your offer
Email 5 (24h delay): FAQ email answering common questions
Email 6 (24h delay): Email displaying social-proof (case studies or testimonials.)
Email 7 (6h delay): Short email with sales link (using urgency works really well in this last email.)
Using deadlines to cop with bonus or discounts works really well on these sequence