Curiosity to get the click
Brief description: The purpose of this email is just to get the click by building up a lot of hype around something beneficial about the product you're promoting.
  1. Find something in the product sales letter that you can use to drive curiosity
  1. Write the email around that without ever telling what it is
  1. Call-to-action to reveal what it is
The deadline
Brief description: Creating urgency is one of the best ways to make people take action, and using a deadline to enroll, receive a bonus, or get a discount always does the trick
  1. Emotional story
  1. Present the product
  1. Benefits of the product
  1. Show guarantees
  1. Call-to-action with the deadline
Brief description: Using analogies is the best way to make readers understand the importance of what you're selling without being salesy.
  1. Find a good analogy for what you're selling
  1. Tell the analogy
  1. Connect analogy with product
What they're not telling you
Brief description: This is a great way to build trust by being super upfront with your readers and further showing your expertise in the matter
  1. List some "common sense knowledge" in your niche
  1. And then hit people with the "hard work" behind the scenes
  1. Connect your product to the solution to that hard work
Is "business model" dead
Brief description: Great way to disarm those who think what you're doing still works even against common belief.
  1. Mock on common clamming's that your business model is dead
  1. Explain why people think that way
  1. Explain why it isn't dead
  1. Turn it around and explain why it is a good model
  1. CTA to your product
The "I fuck up email"
Brief description: Being upfront on what you did wrong is a great way to build trust and let your reader know that it is possible to fuck up but still get results afterwards.
  1. Tell your readers playfully how you fucked up doing something
  1. Tell them what you did to emend that
  1. Connect what you did with product