Popularized by Dean Jackson (https://ilovemarketing.com/about/)
This is a strategy that I see people doing more and more.
And for a good reason: IT WORKS.
Although it might seem as if it defies the proposition of ONLY ONE CTA PER EMAIL - it doesn't.
The goal of this strategy isn't to have multiple CTA's but rather have multiple paths people can pick based on what they currently need.
The strategy is simple done by including a list of your current offers below your signature and eventual P.S.'s you might be using.
Here's an example:
EMAIL TEXT Signature Here are a few ways I can help you grow your business... 1. Get my Email Starters Playbook. I'll teach you everything from A to Z on how to start, grow and monetize your email list. Grab yours here. 2. Enrol in my done-for-you newsletter program. If you're a coach or service provider, having a streamlined way of getting new leads on autopilot is a must. If you don't have the time or technical skills to set this up. Subscribe here and me and my team will help you. 3. Read my free articles. I write free articles on strategies or you can implement today to grow, and make more money with your email list. Read them here.
With this said...
This doesn't mean you shouldn't have your main CTA at the end of your email...
It just means you can give your readers other path's based on what they need.