The key to recurrently making money with email is to have a proven system that you can repeat over and over.
Doing 1-week promotions is a good number (3-5 emails promoting the SAME offer depending on how many emails you'll be sending.)
So what you do is pick an offer to promote in a given week and ONLY promote that offer in that week.
Every promotion should have a logical flow, and a deadline to take advantage of bonuses.
If you use a logical flow to get your market from UNAWARE TO AWARE.
A DEADLINE to make them take advantage of a BONUS or a DISCOUNT.
You're set up for a winning campaign.
All you need to do is keep rotating between your offers.
It is important that you have more than three or four relevant offers to your list so you don’t stress an offer too much.
You can choose anything between:
● Your own paid products ● Offering high-ticket coaching or consulting ● 2-3 Affiliate products you’ve used in the past
Remember: more offers → more sales (as long as they’re relevant for your readers).
Offer Rotation Printable Planner
Download and print this planner to keep track and organize your weekly promotions.
Deadline & Bonuses
The absolute best way to get people to buy your offers is to offer bonuses to those who buy before a deadline.
Those bonuses could be:
→ Discounts
→ Your own paid content gifted for free
→ A 30-minutes call with you
Get creative with the bonuses.
When you’re promoting a new offer, people are still not educated about your offer, and although you should leave a link to your offer in every email, you should also write the content with PURPOSE and taking into consideration the awareness stage of your reader.
notion image
Every single email should play it’s part in your weekly promotion, and it should aim to take your reader from a low awareness state to a high awareness state.
In the last 1 to 2 emails, it would also be good to reinforce the urgency ( I like to use sendtric countdowns.)