There are countless options when it comes to the platforms/software that we can use to send our emails.
Since we’re solo creators, we don’t need any fancy expensive platform, so we simply need one that allows us to:
  • Create a landing page
  • Create automated sequences
  • Send broadcasts
  • Segment lists
You'll be able to integrate your email platform with your shopping cart of choice (example: Gumroad)
Since we want automation, most of the options require a monthly or annual subscription, but there are also free options.
Here are my recommendations: ● ConvertKit ● GetResponse ● ActiveCampaign ● AWeber ● Mailerlite
If you’re still getting started and want to start in a lean way, go for Mailerlite or Aweber as it allows automation & Gumroad integration for free (Check the “Setup Your List” video in the Gumroad library.)
If you don't do affiliate marketing and want a paid, but easier-to-use platform, go for ConvertKit
Your choice doesn’t have to be definitive, as all of them allow you to import or export a CSV file with your contacts and migrate between platforms.
If you choose to go with Mailerlite (a great free option), here's a quick video explaining how to set up your list.
Browse those email marketing platforms and figure out what would be the best for you to get started.
Most of them offer a free-trial, so pick one, create an account and start exploring the features.