If you want people to subscribe to your list, using a lead magnet is the most efficient way to get people inside.
Having a freebie that you deliver once people opt-in is the best way to motivate people into taking action and subscribing to your list.
Not only that, it is the best way to deliver value and display the quality of your creations.
Lead magnets ideas
● Email course (7 days automated series) ● Fill-in-the-blank workbook ● Short ebook ● Cheatsheet ● Case study ● Check-list ● Swipe file
There are a few rules when it comes to lead magnets, as you might be aware, most people tend to not take action on free ebooks out of lack of commitment, therefore we need to develop our lead magnet in a smart way.
Here are a set of golden rules.
Easy to consume
Imagine you give away a 87 page free ebook, most of them will not take action, and only a short percentage will actually read it, hence not see results and create a negative association to your products.
A lead magnet must be short and highly actionable so it delivers FAST result and builds up your prospect confidence making it EASIER to sell your paid products later down the road.
Single big idea and goal-oriented
Your lead magnet shouldn’t be a complete masterclass. Have a simple goal that it can fulfil and hook it on that
Fix a problem your reader is aware
Don’t try to educate your reader on a problem that they don’t even know they have.
Create something solution-oriented for a well-known problem of your reader
Benefit-driven name
The name of your free product should be clear about the benefit that it will give to your reader.
Example: 5 ways to boost your conversion rates
Congruent with your paid products
Make sure it has a smooth transaction to your paid product.
Your paid product should be a premium complement.
Example: Using a sales email checklist as a lead magnet and then offer a paid email course
Note: You don’t necessarily need a lead magnet, but it will increase your subscribers conversion rates and it’s a good way to deliver value and build authority by showing expertise.
The only downside of using one is that some people might subscribe just to download the freebie and then unsubscribe or not pay attention to your emails at all.
The final verdict: you should have one, but don’t stress too much about it. Not having one will slow down your list building, but it will make sure that your list is built with high-quality leads.