We have to feed our emails machine for it to work properly (I’ll teach you how to create a cash-cow automated sequence later).
If we don’t have anyone reading our emails, we’ll be writing to the void. We’ll avoid that by actively promoting our list and getting new subscribers on a daily basis.
There are plenty of ways to get leads, and I’ll go through some of my favorite organic ways. (Paid ways to get email leads are out of the scope of this guide).
The most important takeaway that I want you to understand in this chapter is that quality > quantity.
You don’t want to have a list full of people that are not interested in your content, and that will never buy your offers.
Let’s go over 3 simple ways to get leads effortlessly.
Promote your lead magnet
This is the most simple and obvious one.
Sell people on your lead magnet. Just because you’re giving it away for free, that doesn’t mean people will rush to get it.
Nothing is truly free since you’re either trading time or money, and people know that.
You have to promote it like you were selling it.
If you’re launching a new one, create some buzz about it and get people interested in getting it, even before you launch it.
If you don’t have a large following on social media or in blogging platforms like medium, having a lead magnet is the most efficient way to get some leads inside your list, so make sure to make an effort to promote it regularly.
Lead magnet promotion example:
Lead magnet 3.0
The idea of having a lead magnet 3.0 is that you provide value upfront instead of creating a list subscription-wall to your lead magnet.
By doing this you’ll keep freebie-hunters out of your list and only highly qualified people will join (people interested in further reading your content).
There are a lot of mediums where you can apply this philosophy, but my favorites are tweets (or threads), blog posts, Facebook/Instagram posts, and podcasts.
The process is simple:
You write something within the context of your email list and you promote it at the end. This will make sure that people that join are truly interested in your content, (not only looking to get your freebie) and those will make some high quality leads for your list.
notion image
Leverage social media bio's
Your social media profile is your digital storefront. When people visit your profile, they’re peeking your store.
You can leverage that and place your landing page in the website field that almost every social media has. Here’s an example:
notion image
Make sure to use a call-to-action so people know what that link is all about. You can tweak the call-to-action from time to time to see which one converts better.
Use referral software
You can include a referral software so your current readers can promote your list for you in exchange for free bonuses.
Here's the app I use, the snippet and a live example...
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Live example:
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