Better than learning what to do, is learning what not to do and saving hours and hours of hitting your head against the wall.
Misconception 1: If I email too much people will stop being responsive
You will 100% have more unsubscribers if you email too much, but your open rates & click rates won't drop too much because you're sending enough emails to make the "non-openers" want to unsubscribe.
And that's not a bad thing at all. You're trimming your list and keeping it clean.
Email is all about creating relationships, and just like in real life, you can’t build a suitable relationship with everyone.
Focus on strengthening your tribe. You can’t do that without being present.
Worse than “stressing” your list (sending like 3 to 5 emails a day), is letting your list go cold and make your readers feel like you’ve forgotten them (or worst - them forgetting about you, and why they subbed in the first place).
Misconception 2: I shouldn't be selling everyday
First, you don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortably to do that or if you still don’t have a good set of offers to rotate (at least 3-4), but selling everyday (using a story-based strategy) will not hurt your list since they will enjoy reading your emails even if they don’t end up buying or checking the product.
What you shouldn’t be doing is just sending raw sales emails every day.
You want to ask for the sale, but you must give value upfront with entertainment and quality information (but ask for the sale!!!).
Misconception 3: No one will want to join my list
Give them a reason then.
The best way to get leads is by using a lead magnet or showing the type of content you share inside upfront.
Make yourself valuable and people will want to read your long-format content.
Misconception 4: I have nothing to write about
That’s just a bad excuse.
There are stories everywhere, and that’s the beauty of the daily story a day - you don’t need to be an encyclopedia of content.
Furthermore, if you end up out of stories or don’t recall any good ones, you can always browse the internet for spicy stories.
You can always just go for the usual and more “boring” and informative email where you teach people something without a story (do give them some spicy stuff or set up a scenario).
If you feel like you don’t have good information to share...
First: Focus on getting good at something
Second: Curate content as you’re learning and share that with your audience. People love keeping up with the journey of someone highly motivated to grind at something.
Misconception 5: I need a professional landing page
Far from true, often the landing pages that convert the most are the most simple, and although that’s not the best criteria to evaluate a landing page, at least it gets the job done.
If you’re out of ideas, structure them with a shortlist of benefits just to make sure you end up with the right people inside.