The subject line is the gatekeeper of your emails.
If you write something too bland, people will not care enough about it.
If you always write click-baits, people will stop opening your emails.
That's why it is important to understand how to perfectly craft a subject line and find the intersection between curiosity and relevance.
So, what makes a good subject line?
1. Inspiring curiosity in the reader 2. Letting the reader know what’s in there for him
If your subject line fits those parameters, you’ll get your emails opened.
There are a few formats that work like a charm, let’s go over some of them.
Easy to understand how this works.
If you’re polarizing, both the people that support your point of view and the people that don’t will want to open to either reassure themselves or to see what kind of nonsense are you writing.
Example: Can a vegan man be manly?
Straight to the point
Just go straight to the point of the main subject that you’re writing, this will be transparent to the reader and it will funnel only those that really want to read what you’ve written.
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People love to get the good stuff, so tell them exactly what they’ll get once they read your email, and make it spicy so they have no option but to open.
Increase your email open-rates with one simple trick
Negative statements
Sentences written in the negative are way more attention grabbing for us than the positive ones.
There’s something about us that’s hardwired to take more caution about the negative than to give more attention to the positive.
Don't do this if you want high open rates
Using numbers appeals to the logic side of your reader, and if you combine this with a benefit-driven or a negative statement style, you’ll get yourself a lot of opened emails.
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No one wants to miss out, I’m sure that you’re more than aware of the power of using the fear of missing out to get people to pay attention.
This is especially good when you’re running a discounted promotion on a product.
2 hours left to get the XYZ system
Questions demand attention because questions demand an answer.
They’re extremely effective at grabbing your reader's eyeball, especially because they will want the answer to the question you just asked.
Is this food keeping you fat?
It’s of no surprise that Forex and MLM schemes work...
People love money, and they’ll always get attracted by it, no matter how unreal the given possibility is.
We don’t want to use money as clickbait, but talking about money numbers is always a good way to get your reader’s attention.
$2000 of coaching for $14.99
Pattern Breaking
Disrupt a certain pattern that your reader is used to.
That will spike curiosity because you’re presenting a different angle that they were not aware of.
Mother Teresa was selfish and I can prove that
FINAL NOTES: Every list is different, and it’s impossible to predict which type of subject lines will do the best. I always like to look over the past emails that I’ve sent and try to figure out what sort of subject lines do better.
Email is all about testing, and there’s no one size fits all solution because there are no equal lists.