Email Starters Playbook
Email Starters Playbook

Email Starters Playbook

The Playbook For Digital Creators To Start A list From Scratch And Make Their First $1 From Email

Section 1 - Setting Up The List
Section 2 - Growing The List
Section 3 - Good Email Practices
Section 4 - Strategy & Monetization
Subject Lines
Welcome Sequence
How To Write Emails That Get Read And Drive Sales
Promotion Strategy
Sales Emails Types
Evergreen Email Funnels
Paid Products Post-Purchase Sequence
Tag-Triggered Automated Camp
Section 5 - Mindset & Mental Models
Section 6 - Systems Recap
Special Section - Product Launch Using Email
Special Section - Land Clients, Deliver Masterpieces
Deconstructing Emails That Work
Email Templates & Prompts
Course Updates