Chapter 5: The Spell and Sword Method
Chapter 5: The Spell and Sword Method

Chapter 5: The Spell and Sword Method


On the 1st chapter I mentioned these two fundamental characteristics of any good sequence.

They're worth their own chapter because they're the line that separates an unsuccessful sequence from a successful one.


Spell: Testimonials and social proof

One of the principles of persuasion is having social proof.

Here are a few ways you can display it:

Talk about your own path

If you want people to believe in what you're claiming, you have to give them a logical sequence of events that lead you from point A to point B and how you overcame your struggle.

You can talk about this all throughout your sequence at any point and time.

Embrace your own story and highlight it as a success story.

Show how you helped others

Better than your story...It is having the ability of making your readers believe you can help them achieve similar results to yours BECAUSE you've already done it with other students.

Don't be afraid to 100% highlight it throughout the sequence. I usually like to dedicate at least one emails to talking specifically about one of the successful students. Remember that selling is the ability to transfer belief.

Borrow social proof

If your story isn't quite fascinating, and if you're too early in the process to have students results...

You can "borrow" social proof. You can tell your readers how you're using/teaching the exact strategies that lead given expert to achieving his results.


Key aspects

It can be tough to find space in your sequence to demonstrate social proof, so the best way to do that is by either

  • Writing a whole email dedicated to this (your story/student story)
  • Plugging testimonials below your emails using the P.S. nomenclature



Whole Email
Plugging the testimonial


Sword: Irresistible offer

Do you know the difference between a good offer and a bad offer?

The bad one you can skip. The good one you feel the need to buy right away.

So the question do you make people buy right away?

In the ideal situation, you'd want to use scarcity and urgency...

But since this is an automated sequence, those things become harder to use (you can but it feels awkward)

So we have to find others ways to do that.

Sword 1. Bonuses

Let people know when they buy from the link you plugged, they'll also get bonuses that fit in well in addition of the main offer. You can do this whether you're selling your offers or affiliating for others.

Bonus examples:

  • 30-min consulting call with you
  • Another free course
  • Templates

Sword 2. Discount

Discounts are ALWAYS a great way to push those who're indecisive over the fence.

People love to buy things at discounts, especially when it's exclusive to them.

If you can - make people apply the discount themselves (i.e. place the code instead of having the code on the link of the product). For some odd reasons, this will make people feel like they earn the discount.

Sword 3. Urgency

It's hard to create urgency in something that's evergreen and runs forever.

So here are the best two ways to do it:

  • Frame the time (the sooner you get this, the sooner you'll hit your goals)
  • Warn that the price might go up in the future


Key aspects

You want to be 100% clear on what people are getting and why they are getting it.

There needs to be a reason why they're qualifying for these extras (i.e. being inside your list)

There also needs to be a reason for them to buy right away.



For the sake of learning, assume there's a whole email on the top of these CTA's (call-to-action's)


Note: Feel free to combine them all