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Nothing is better than learning by observation. So here's a fictional made-up example that aims to teach you how I would outline and write a sequence
Let's assume this is a welcome sequence and that I just gave a lead magnet on how to cut down extra weight gained during quarantine.
Niche: Fitness
Niche: Fitness
Perfect Client: Busy men that needs to lose weight
Perfect Client: Busy men that needs to lose weight
Problem: Modern men who can't lose the extra weight
Problem: Modern men who can't lose the extra weight
Offer: 12-weeks coaching program
Offer: 12-weeks coaching program
Mechanism: Only 3 hours a week of workouts
Mechanism: Only 3 hours a week of workouts
Objections: Lack of time, lack of habits, lack of motivation
Objections: Lack of time, lack of habits, lack of motivation
Spell: John's, Rick's and mine testimonial
Spell: John's, Rick's and mine testimonial
Sword: Free diet plan, $100 OFF for first-time enrollers
Sword: Free diet plan, $100 OFF for first-time enrollers




→ Readers know they have a problem, probably know they have a solution, but it's hasn't been easily laid out in front of them


→ My own story on how I went from 230lbs to 180lbs in 6 months only working out 3x a week
→ Ryan's story on how he revigorated his sex life by losing 30lbs in 3 months


  • Increased energy to play with your children, go out with your wife, and perform better at work
  • 2x confidence levels that will lead people to start treating you better
  • More stamina so you can last longer in bed, in your weekend soccer games with your friends, and in your running games with your children
  • Decreased brain fog due to brain chemicals releases that occur after sweating
  • More strength to carry heavy things and be seen as a real-life super hero
  • You'll turn into a role-model for your wife, children, and co-workers which will ultimately lead people to admire and respect you
  • Testosteronal levels will rise and boost your overall being and longevity


For learning purposes, assume each testimonial is either a picture or a written testimonial.


→ $100 OFF for 1st time enrollers


→ Lack of time: All the workouts can be done at home and they only take 30 minutes a day for 6 days a week. Instead of watching TV before taking dinner, put on your training clothes.
→ Lack of habits: You just need to replace one bad habit that was taking you 30 minutes a day.
→ Lack of motivation: I'll text you once a day to give you a pump, and to make sure you're accountable


Note: The flow outline is generic and not specific to this example. There's also a few sentences that could be more specific, so feel free to tweak them to fit your goals.
Email 1
  • Goal: Welcome people + build rapport + get people to reply
  • Strategy: What does this say about you + cliffhanger
      Email Template
      Before I talk about what’s happening over the next several days…
      I want to congratulate you.
      You’re obviously dedicated to what you teach people.
      Not every person is as dedicated. So it’s great to have you here!
      And it's safe to assume that you don't relate with people who don't want to improve in your area of expertise.
      Here's what I mean...
      Fill this some criticism on the people that don't improve
      And that's not even the worst...That's just the tip of the iceberg...
      Fill this with the consequences of not wanting to improve
      That's not what I want for myself.
      And that's not what I want for you either.
      And I believe you’re at the right place at the right time.
      Something brought us together.
      And I’m excited to share my story and my experience with you.
      And that's why in the next few days you'll hear from me with tips that completely CHANGED the life of my clients for the better (and this is not an overstatement...)
      So keep your eyes on your inbox. You’ll be hearing from me soon.
      P.S. I'm excited to have you here, and I can't wait to hear back from you.
      Reply back and tell me why you decided to join and what you'd like me to cover in future emails. I personally read and reply back to every single email.
Email 2
  • Goal: Change beliefs
  • Strategy: Lightbulb method + seed planting + cliffhanger
      Email Template
      Do you know what bothers me?
      People that still believe insert common misconception in your industry here.
      It's quite ridiculous because in all seriousness...
     makes NO SENSE.
      Here's what I found to be true instead...
      Fill in with the truth instead.
      In fact, when I start doing I got surprisingly right off the top results.
      For example...
      Fill in with example.
      And I wasn't the only one.
      Since I've been teaching this, I've helped quantifiable number students achieve desired goal.
      So as you can see...
      There's a lot of misconceptions out there.
      And I'll only consider my job done when I lead you into the right path.
      Which I will.
      But that can't be a one side commitment.
      Meaning...You'll have to commit to reading these emails, and truly make an effort to implement the information I free willingly share with you.
      Until next time,
Email 3
  • Goal: Make people realize the consequences of their problems + set the stage for product launch
  • Strategy: Problem Agitate Solve
      Email Template
      For how long have you been dealing with problem?
      At some point enough has to be enough...
      Because you get tired of consequence one...
      ...consequence two...
      ... consequence three...
      And that all starts to consume you at a deeper level.
      You stop enjoying family time as you used to...
      Your overall performance at works starts going downhill...
      And you better than me know in which ways this is conditioning you and stopping you from achieving your TRUE potential.
      That's why it is important for you to flip the script.
      To start putting yourself first so you can provide for others AFTER.
      And that all starts with a decision.
      A decision to make a PERMANENT change.
      And tomorrow's email will be your chance to make that decision.
      Because I'm revealing a powerful offer (and yes it is a paid one) that will completely erase your problem.
      If you're serious about this, don't miss tomorrow's email.
      Your friend,
Email 4
  • Goal: Get people to see themselves reflected with story's main character and take action
  • Strategy: Story
      Email Template
      If you've been trying to goal people want to accomplish, and if that's not working out for you...
      ...I know it might seem like you hit a dead-end.
      Like there's nothing that will work out for you.
      But, if you are like most people....
      ...You've probably just received a bunch of non-sense advice that lead you nowhere.
      I bet you've even tried a handful of solutions that didn't work.
      I don't blame you.
      Cheap advice comes costly.
      But there's a better way to do things.
      Meet NAME and read HIS/HER story:
      STORY (if you have a testimonial from someone that you personally helped, use it)
      It's because of transformations like NAME'S that I decided to create/promote Product name.
      This has worked for dozens of people, and it will work for you if you follow it to a tee.
      If you're ready to start goal, click in the link below.
      Your friend,
      P.S. Here's what STUDENT NAME said after taking the course:
Email 5
  • Goal: Hard sell
  • Strategy: Lay out benefits
      Email Template
      Here's the deal...
      I really want to help you achieving goal.
      But I can't put in the work for you.
      With that said, if you're ready to flip the script to your advantage, here's everything the XYZ course will teach you:
      • Benefit 1
      • Benefit 2
      • Benefit 3
      • Benefit 4
      • Benefit 5
      And much...much...more.
      And more importantly it guarantees that you quantifiable goal in specific timeframe (e.g. lose 10lbs in 2 weeks)
      Click the link below to enroll:
      Your friend,
      P.S. Here's what people who took the course are saying: