Drive curiosity throughout an email sequence

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Learn how to plant a powerful persuasion seed on your reader's mind that will make him want to buy from you

It's increasingly hard to be trusted on the internet, especially when everyone is trying to shove a new product in your face every new week/month.

With this powerful strategy you will be able to be seen as someone trustworthy and you'll build confidence overtime to the point that your readers will want to buy from you when you finally reveal your offers.

What's the email seed planting?

It is a strategy that you can use to build trust overtime and to let your reader know that you have something to offer - without directly telling them that.

You do that to increase your value and to not look needy. That completely shifts the relationship dynamics and you'll be the one on the power side.


If you're using this strategy in one of your emails - you're not suppose to plug your product's links.

How should I use it?

You can, for example, mention:

  1. How you helped your students with your unique X strategy
  2. How that ONE student got Y result after taking a coaching call with you
  3. How after you tweaked 'something' your business revenue increased by 10X

Let's go over a fictional example:

Everyone says "the devil is in the details", but is that really true?


From my experience - it is.

And it's not hard to prove that. Take Ryan's case study...

We started working 1on1 in the past month, and I told him to tweak one simple thing on the way he was structuring his emails.

Only one week after, his revenue increased by 20%.

Why am I telling you this?

Because - there's power in making sure every detail is carefully analyzed and meticulously engineered for maximum profit.

When should I use it?

This strategy is great for your welcome sequence or if you want to do new product launched.