5 misconceptions about email marketing

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Demystifying 5 common missconcepts that are preventing you from making money sending emails.

There's a lot of bad advice out there.

And there's also a lot of nuanced advice (which is fine.)

So when things get cluttered, I like to go back to first-principle thinking and build up from heuristics.

Let's go over these missconceptions.

1. If I email too much people will stop being responsive

You will 100% have more unsubscribers if you email frequently.

But your open rates & click rates won't drop because those who wouldn't open/click end up unsubscribing.

And that's not a bad thing at all.

You're trimming your list and keeping it clean.

Email is all about creating relationships. And just like in real life, you can’t build a suitable relationship with everyone.

Focus on strengthening your presence in your reader's life. You can’t do that without being present.

There's nothing worse than letting your list grow cold and make your readers feel like you’ve forgotten them (or worst - them forgetting about you, and why they subscribed in the first place).

2. I shouldn't be selling everyday

First of all...

You don’t have to sell daily if you don’t feel comfortable or if you don’t have a good set of offers to rotate (at least 3-4).

But promoting your offers every day (using a story-based strategy) will not hurt your list since they enjoy reading your emails even if they don’t end up buying or checking the product.

What you shouldn’t be doing is just sending PURE sales emails every day.

You want to ask for the sale, but you must give value upfront with entertainment and quality information (but ask for the sale!!!)

3. No one will want to join my list

Give them a reason then.

The best way to get leads is by using a lead magnet. Or by showing the type of content you share inside upfront using a thread or a blog post.

Make yourself valuable and interesting and people will want to read your emails.

4. I have nothing to write about

That’s just a bad excuse.

But I get it. It's not easy to come up with ideas when you're not used to write emails.

First of all - drop the perfectionism.

And secondly, you can use one of these three content generation ideas:


Email content-generating strategy: 1. Stories 2. User-generated content 3. Expanding your opinion on a piece of content/topic

Literally impossible to run out of content if you write emails using these strategies.

5. I need a professional landing page

Far from true...

Often the landing pages that convert the most are the most simple. And although that’s not the best criteria to evaluate a landing page, at least it gets the job done. If you want a simple functional and effective landing page - follow these framework:


Landing Page Structure Framework 1. Value proposition on the headline 2. Bullet-list with benefits 3. Benefit-driven call-to-action


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