The Light Bulb method to improve emails

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Learn the method that allows you to build trust with your audience and be seen as the authority simply by demystifying common misconceptions inside your industry.

What is the light bulb method?

We all know that in every industry there's a bunch of non-sense circulating around - that weirdly most people believe in.

We can either be mad about it and try to fight the people who believe in that, or we can use that to our advantage and to strengthen the relationship we have with our email subscribers.


What we do is we tell the story of when we figured out that "common sense" was actually not true and we counter-argument against it.

Let's go over a practical fictional example - Let's suppose we're in the fitness industry.

If you're obsessed with fitness like me, you've probably heard the saying that your body can only absorb 30g of protein in a meal.

Well...every time I heard this I would just the trust the guy that said it.

Let's be honest, he has twice my muscle mass - he must be right...

Well, turns out these people aren't right.

The other day I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and found this tweet from Alexander (10+ year personal trainer.)

It is clear to me this is was just another false fad that fitness gooroos preach so they can "look smart" and justify some people lack of muscle building ability (which they obviously can help them with if they buy their $497 1on1 coaching program.)

From this you can go on and tell people how most fitness industry is non-sense and then tie that to your proven fitness workout or whatever you're selling.

How can you benefit from this

I think it's pretty obvious that using this will INSTANTLY turn you into the authority because you have proof, while others are just claiming.

It shows your readers that you have real-world knowledge and that you've either "seen it with your eyes" or "felt it in your skin."

Who do you think people will be more compelled to listen and buy from?

You, of course.

Applications for this method

This is great to start any sequence because it creates trust right from the start.

It is also great to combine with the "plant seeds" method because now you're combining the power of social proof with the power of authority - you turn yourself into a weapon of mass persuasion.