5 Different Types Of Sales Emails

Published on:
June 15, 2021

Use these types of sales emails to drive more sales for your digital products

From time to time you should break the pattern of your emails and go more into straight selling mode.

It allows you to give a more direct perspective on why readers should get your product.

I'll go over five different types of emails that aim to persuade through different angles.

Every type have a REAL example attached at the bottom.

Sales Email 1 → Testimonial


Persuasion angle: Social proof

This is by far one of my favorite ways to get people to buy your products.

It is well known to us copywriters that there's nothing as powerful as social proof when trying to persuade someone.

The old premise "show, don't tell" stands true in this situations.

When people see other's achieving what they want, they'll believe that they themselves can do the same.

And it ultimately stands as proof of value of your product.

✍️ Example

Context: I was selling my services on email autoresponders planning & writing

Although this is more a feedback than a testimonial, the overall concept is still the same.

Read it here

Sales Email 2 → The Perfect Scenario


Persuasion angle: Outcome & Hope

After social proof, I don't think there's anything more persuasive than hope when it comes to persuasion.

Hope is what makes people survive, even throughout tough times.

Hope is what makes people join MML schemes believing they will really make a lot of money without too much effort.

And ultimately, it is what make us cling to a better life.

So yes, it is powerful and should obviously be used ethically.

The goal of this type of email is to paint the perfect scenario and have the reader imagining how his life could be IF he follows-through and buy & execute everything you teach inside your course.

✍️ Example

Read it here

Sales Email 3 → The Analogy


Persuasion angle: Prespective

I love using analogies because comparison and putting things into perspective can completely shift the way we think about something.

For example...There's a high probably that you've seen digital product promoters promote their product under the premise that it is "the same price as a Starbucks coffee" or something along those lines.

It works because when you think about $7 dollars, you think about how you don't want to lose that money.

But when you think about losing a cup of coffee, you wouldn't feel that bad.

Most people are highly conservative when it comes to spending money, that's why shifting the narrative can be useful.


Of course you can go much broader with your analogies, and it doesn't have to be applied only in your call-to-action, but also as the whole idea behind the email.

✍️ Example

Read it here

Sales Email 4 → The Example


Persuasion angle: Concept validation

Another great example on how "Show, don't tell" is a big winner.

You can tell people that your ways of doing things work.

Or you can show them.

It doesn't even have to be a concrete example, but rather a conceptual example on what you teach.

I preach on how story-based emails are great to build trust, relationships, and make sales.

And in the email below you can see exactly an example of how I used a story to exemplify that, and the example isn't even about emails.

✍️ Example

Read it here

Sales Email 5 → The Straightforward Deadline


Persuasion angle: Urgency

This one is a great one to use at the end of your promotional sequences.

People are already aware of the problem, and your solution.

And if they keep opening your emails but haven't bought yet, they simply need another reminder on the urgency of the deal.

This one should be used when you're running a discounted sale, or any other type of promotion that includes bonuses.

✍️ Example

Read it here

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