5 Different Types Of Sales Emails

Use these types of sales emails to drive more sales for your digital products

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Use these types of sales emails to drive more sales for your digital products

From time to time you should break the pattern of your emails and go more into straight selling mode.
It allows you to give a more direct perspective on why readers should get your product.
I'll go over five different types of emails that aim to persuade through different angles.
Every type have a REAL example attached at the bottom.

Sales Email 1 → Testimonial

Persuasion angle: Social proof
Persuasion angle: Social proof
This is by far one of my favorite ways to get people to buy your products.
It is well known to us copywriters that there's nothing as powerful as social proof when trying to persuade someone.
The old premise "show, don't tell" stands true in this situations.
When people see other's achieving what they want, they'll believe that they themselves can do the same.
And it ultimately stands as proof of value of your product.

✍️ Example

Context: I was selling my services on email autoresponders planning & writing
Although this is more a feedback than a testimonial, the overall concept is still the same.
Read it here
A few months ago I created a special offer where I offered to create a 5 email sequence for only $150.
James was one of the smart guys to take the deal, and it paid off for him in under 24 hours.
notion image
His sales funnel was quite simple.
Drive people from a free lead magnet to a sequence that aimed to sell his flagship product.
For me to write the sequence was fairly easy because the offer was NUTS (feel free to check it.)
It was just too good to pass on and his readers were already interested in the topic (how to build, run, and profit from affiliate websites)
And as you can see from the image above, he was quick to see results.
As far as I know he's still running the sequence, so there's a fairly decent chance he has already 5-10x his investment at the time.
Now imagine how much the ROI will be in 1...2...or 3 years.
Because that's the beauty of evergreen sequences.
As long as you want...they'll keep on running and selling your product.
So if you have a proven product or service (already made sales) that you want to sell on autopilot...
Your pal,
Daniel H.

Sales Email 2 → The Perfect Scenario

Persuasion angle: Outcome & Hope
Persuasion angle: Outcome & Hope
After social proof, I don't think there's anything more persuasive than hope when it comes to persuasion.
Hope is what makes people survive, even throughout tough times.
Hope is what makes people join MML schemes believing they will really make a lot of money without too much effort.
And ultimately, it is what make us cling to a better life.
So yes, it is powerful and should obviously be used ethically.
The goal of this type of email is to paint the perfect scenario and have the reader imagining how his life could be IF he follows-through and buy & execute everything you teach inside your course.

✍️ Example

Read it here
Wouldn't it be cool if you had $50 dollars dropping in your bank account every single morning?
What about $100 dollars...
Or even $200 dollars...
Just use your imagination to figure out how much you reasonable like to get...
Well, unfortunately this is stupidly unrealistic.
So the closest thing you have to this - is owning your own email list.
Just think about that...
You wake up to your lovely wife...
You get out of your bed and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee...
notion image
You let the sun touch your face and you can feel its warmth filling you up with happiness & gratitude...
And you head over to your laptop, hit a few buttons, and there goes your daily email to your list of people who can't wait to buy from you.
How does that sounds?
If it sounds too good - you have work to do. Because this is more than attainable.
It doesn't happen fast.
It doesn't happen easily.
It doesn't happen overnight.
But it eventually happens...
And everything that's standing between you and this reality, might be a small investment and the right guidance.
I've been doing this for 5 months.
I can tell you it works. Because it works for me. And it works for my students who put in the work.
And here's your chance to be one of those students:
Daniel "black coffee lover" H.
P.S. Here's some feedback from a fellow email copywriter colleague...
notion image

Sales Email 3 → The Analogy

Persuasion angle: Prespective
Persuasion angle: Prespective
I love using analogies because comparison and putting things into perspective can completely shift the way we think about something.
For example...There's a high probably that you've seen digital product promoters promote their product under the premise that it is "the same price as a Starbucks coffee" or something along those lines.
It works because when you think about $7 dollars, you think about how you don't want to lose that money.
But when you think about losing a cup of coffee, you wouldn't feel that bad.
Most people are highly conservative when it comes to spending money, that's why shifting the narrative can be useful.
Of course you can go much broader with your analogies, and it doesn't have to be applied only in your call-to-action, but also as the whole idea behind the email.

✍️ Example

Read it here
Do you know why most people fail growing their online business?
The answer might be unconventional...
But in my opinion - it is because they don't like what they are doing.
And if you're not doing what you like, you'll end up quitting.
And I'm not suggesting you start a business by pure passion, that's hardly a good idea. But the business model you choose should go hand-in-hand with the perfect lifestyle you envision for yourself.
Let me share you one of my favorites stories. One that always gets me in the right mindset.
An American investment banker was at the pier of a small coastal village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked.  Inside the small boat were several large yellowfin tuna.
The American complimented the fisherman on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them.
“Only a little while,” he said.
The American then asked why didn’t he stay out longer and catch more fish?
The fisherman said he had enough to support his family’s immediate needs.
“But what do you do with the rest of your time?”
notion image
“I sleep late, play with my children, take siestas with my wife, stroll into the village each evening to sip wine and play guitar with my friends.”
The banker said, “But you have a fantastic business here!  We can expand and sell fish into all the different markets, then franchise and manage a big business."
The fisherman said, "Why would I want to do that?"
"Well then in 20 years you can have an IPO."
The fisherman said, "Why would I want to do that?"
"Well then you would have millions of dollars. Imagine what you could do with that money!"
So the fisherman did imagine ...
He would sleep late, play with my children, take siestas with his wife, stroll into the village each evening to sip wine and play guitar with his friends.
Of course this is a story on valuing what you have, and that money can't buy the best things of life...
But it's also proof that if you choose the wrong business - one that just takes your time away and doesn't allow you to do what you REALLY love.
Then it is clear to be that sooner or later you'll quit.
And that's the NUMERO UNO reason I love owning an email list.
I can ran a whole business with only 20 minutes a day - that's how long it takes me to write my daily email.
I'm not saying it's the PERFECT business model - but it sure is close to that.
And I want you to jump on the email train ASAP.
So - and because I'm celebrating 3 months since launch - I'm running a 30% discounted sale on my prestigious Email Starters Playbook.
Daniel "in a village by the sea" H.
P.S. Here' some (unsolicited) advice I had the other day:
notion image

Sales Email 4 → The Example

Persuasion angle: Concept validation
Persuasion angle: Concept validation
Another great example on how "Show, don't tell" is a big winner.
You can tell people that your ways of doing things work.
Or you can show them.
It doesn't even have to be a concrete example, but rather a conceptual example on what you teach.
I preach on how story-based emails are great to build trust, relationships, and make sales.
And in the email below you can see exactly an example of how I used a story to exemplify that, and the example isn't even about emails.

✍️ Example

Read it here
When was the last time you enjoyed reading an email?
(If you've read mine yesterday - that one doesn't count.)
Most people send boring a** emails...
And that's the MAIN reason why most people don't get good results when sending emails, and end up quitting after a week or so.
The right story for the right audience will ALWAYS sell the right product.
Story is the best way to sell, because you're not pushing product's down people throat but rather presenting them a metaphor that strikes a chord on people's emotional side.
Take Natasha's example (founder of Soundwise) on how she got SOLD by PURE storytelling...
The best lesson I ever learned about the power of sales stories was during a vacation to Iceland last year.
I was at the airport gift shop looking to pick up some last-minute souvenirs for friends.
I was thinking of getting a couple of fridge magnets that would cost no more than 5 euros apiece.
The store had a huge selection of those, ranging from Icelandic landmarks to elf figurines.
They were all very pretty and I had a hard time deciding which ones to get.
Then I noticed one magnet that looked cheaply made. It was a square piece of wood with a little magnet glued to the back. On the front there was a symbol painted in red, which looked like an eight-pointed star drawn by a toddler.
“What is this?” I asked the store clerk, a 20-something blonde.
“Ah, this is a magic symbol for the Icelandic fishermen!” she said.
She went on to tell me that when Iceland was first occupied by the Vikings, most people’s livelihoods depended on fishing.
It was a dangerous occupation given the harsh climate.
The Vikings worshiped the Norse gods, and this was the magic symbol the fishermen wore or carved on their boats to appease the gods and bring good fortune and protection to their fishing trips.
“How much is it?” I asked
“10 euros.”
I bought five of them.
notion image
Her story speaks for itself...
And that's why I highly recommend my students write their emails with a story-based approach.
It's more interesting...
It's more entertaining…
It's likely to teach more than a regular email...
And people will come back for more for their dose of dopamine…
If you're unsure on how to pull this off...
I have a  dedicated chapter inside my email playbook teaching you how to do it the RIGHT way.
Daniel H.

Sales Email 5 → The Straightforward Deadline

Persuasion angle: Urgency
Persuasion angle: Urgency
This one is a great one to use at the end of your promotional sequences.
People are already aware of the problem, and your solution.
And if they keep opening your emails but haven't bought yet, they simply need another reminder on the urgency of the deal.
This one should be used when you're running a discounted sale, or any other type of promotion that includes bonuses.

✍️ Example

Read it here
No fireworks or tips today.
Just a quick heads up that you can grab the email playbook and take your list from 0…
...to make God know how much a month…
Everything is within reach depending on where your business is at.
With that being said…
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Don't miss it.

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